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headshot_0019_PaparelliI had the pleasure of writing a guest article for my good friend Charlie Paparelli’s blog. The topic is knowing your milestones. Read it here.

Charlie asked me to cover his blog while he was on a mission trip to speak at the Kampala International Christian Center’s Youth Ablaze Conference. His topic was “Igniting Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurs.” They couldn’t have picked a better keynote speaker for this topic.

Charlie is a great friend and I am blessed to have him as both a professional and life mentor.  His personal mission is “helping entrepreneurs take the next step in business and in life.” It’s perfect for him. That’s exactly what he did for me, and was instrumental in helping me take my ‘next step’ and launch Tech Square Ventures.

Charlie’s unique gift is his ability to love everyone. This stems from his deep faith and is what makes him such a great business and life coach. He doesn’t let you hide from the tough questions and will tell it like it is – but you know without a doubt when talking to him he genuinely cares about you.

If you are building a startup and don’t already follow his blog, I highly recommend you start. He holds office hours and runs Angel Lounge at ATDC. Countless Atlanta entrepreneurs and angel investors have benefited from his experience as an entrepreneur and angel investor in over 20 startups. I’m thankful to be one of them.